Montana Gold, Montana Gold, VINTAGE Spray Filter, 400ml, Yellowing Effect

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Montana VINTAGE Spray Filter

Montana VINTAGE Spray Filter is a solvent-based, high-quality, low pressure acrylic effect spray. The yellow transparent coating is a UV-resistant, quick-drying semi-gloss finish that brings best results on white or light colors. Applying Montana VINTAGE Spray Filter to your favorite black and white photos can create an authentic looking vintage touch. Signage and furniture can also become a center piece for any home of business. With multiple layers of VINTAGE Spray Filter and some smooth sanding when fully cured, new objects can appear as if they have a longer story to tell. The Vintage Spray Filter can be combined with Montana VARNISH for additional protection once completely cured. Ideal for use on surfaces that are painted or printed, on furniture, photos and many other substrates. Multiple layers of the Vintage Spray Filter, irregular coating and smooth sanding (when fully cured) will intensify the used look effect.

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Montana Gold


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400 ml


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