Montana EFFECT, 400ml, Hologram Glitter Spray

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Montana EFFECT Hologram Glitter Spray

Add a totally new dimension to creativity with a holographic touch. This spray paint has a semi-gloss, translucent base, upon which high-quality fine holographic glitter particles reflect light and show a rainbow of color depending on the angle of view. The more layers applied, the more intense the effect will become. It can be applied over or under other acrylic paint layers, and the effect can also be used to manipulate the look of other paints. Apply this spray to paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and just about any other paintable surface. Just make sure to re-shake the can after each spray to guarantee the pigments are correctly mixed with the paint vehicle. This product will add an intergalactic feel to any artwork, creative or DIY projects. Hologram Glitter Effect spray can also be intensified by coating with Montana GLOSS Varnish once cured. Adding the gloss layer will appear to reflect more light and thus appear to magnify the variation in the holographic effect. It will also protect and increase the longevity of the surface painted.

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