Masterpiece, Vincent Pro, Unprimed Cotton Canvas, 12 oz, 24X36

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Vincent Pro Unprimed Canvas

Vincent Pro Unprimed canvas is stretched using raw unprimed 12 oz. cotton duck, ready for preparation with the ground of your choice. Starting with unprimed canvas allows the artist the ability to take control of their art. This product works great for staining techniques that involve pouring thinned paints onto the raw canvas in which the fabric thread soak up the paint, resulting in abstract color combinations. Staining achieves a fluid and spontaneous convergence of the image and the fabric, not possible with gesso prepared canvases. Please note that applying oil paints to raw canvas can be caustic to the canvas fibers. Stretched using MasterWrap technology, a method that yields balanced canvas tension across the surface of up to 50% tighter than other methods. Expertly constructed, Vincent Pro provides superior frame support using a patented keyable cross brace technology for sizes 16″ x 16″ and up. A keyable brace is unprecedented for this size stretcher bar. The canvas stays tighter due to the drum-tight stretch, and because the cross braces prevent the stretcher bars from bowing inward and the canvas from slackening. To increase canvas tension, slightly expand the size of the frame by forcing the corner keys and brace keys further into the slot. This innovative system makes it possible to tension the canvas in the middle of the frame, where the tension is needed the most.

The 7/8″ deep stretcher bar is taller, stronger and yields a full 5/16″ relief to the canvas, thereby preventing those unsightly lines created when the canvas touches the bar underneath. Folded corners and extra canvas selvage leave the canvas uncut and intact and re-stretchable on the same size frame. The clean staple-free edges are perfect for an elegant frameless display. The precision machined, solid-wood, finger-joint free, kiln-dried bars are milled with lumber harvested from the sustainable forests of Oregon and California.

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Cotton Unprimed Canvas




Square / Rectangle


Studio Canvas (3/4" 7/8")


24" x 36"


Masterpiece Vincent Unprimed


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