Masterpiece Ventura Hardcore Linen Oil Primed Canvas Panel, 11″ x 14″

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Ventura Hardcore Pro Canvas Panel

Ventura Hardcore Professional Canvas Panels are made of smooth, alkyd-oil-primed Belgian linen mounted with pH neutral non-yellowing permanent adhesive to engineered-wood rigid-core boards. The PVA sizing stabilizes the linen and the hand-primed alkyd oil ground creates an exquisite painting surface that reflects color, creating depth and dimensionality for your art. The glue sizing is an important barrier to help prevent warping or mildew, and the vinyl backing makes the panel impervious to moisture, which keeps it flat. The archival, acid-free and pH balanced 1/8″ thick panels are work well for oils alkyds and aqua oil paints. They are ready to paint and are ideal for Plein air painting.

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Linen Oil Primed Canvas




11" x 14"


Masterpiece Ventura Hardcore


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