Masterpiece, Monet, Monterey Canvas, 7 oz, 12X48

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Monterey Stretched Canvas

Monterey Premium Cotton Canvas, 7 oz. raw and 10.5 oz. after priming, has a medium weight and tooth surface and is suitable for use with acrylic, oil or alkyd paints. Stretched using MasterWrap technology, this canvas offers a drum-tight, archival surface that can be further adjusted using the pre-installed corner and brace keys. Folded corners and extra canvas selvage allow for re-stretching, and the clean staple free edges are great for display without a frame. The solid, finger-joint free, kiln-dried bars are milled with lumber harvested from sustainable forests in both Oregon and California. Key-able cross bracing offers additional strength, stability and warp resistance. Available in 3 profile depths: Vincent Pro has a 7/8″ deep profile with a 5/16″ lip, Monet Pro has a 1-1/2″ deep profile with a 1/2″ lip, and 3D Pro has a 2-1/2″ deep profile.

GR items denote sizes based on the Golden Mean, considered by some to be the most pleasing rectangular shape to the human eye. Turner, Seurat, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Davinci and countless other famous artists have historically used this proportion in their compositions.

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Cotton Acrylic Primed Canvas




Square / Rectangle


Studio Canvas (3/4" 7/8")


12" x 48"


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