KIT for Watercolor and WC Pencils Paint Poinsettia w Phyllis Parker-Whiteside


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Painting Poinsettias in Watercolor and WC pencil with Phyllis Parker-Whiteside

  • WIN0303150 Cotman 8ml Chinese White
  • WIN0303109 Cotman 8ml Cadmium Yellow Hue
  • WIN0303095 Cotman 8ml Cadmium Red Hue
  • WIN0303317 Cotman 8ml Indian Red
  • WIN0303235 Cotman 8ml Emerald
  • WIN0303660 Cotman 8ml Ultramarine
  • WIN0303331 Cotman 8ml Ivory Black
  • PRI4350W-050 Princeton Gold Taklon Wash 1/2
  • PRI4350R-12 Princeton Gold Taklon R-12
  • PRI4350R-8 Princeton Gold Taklon R-8
  • PRI4350R-4 Princeton Gold Taklon R-4
  • FLU880912 Fluid 9×12 Watercolor Block Cold Press
  • AAL20174 1″ x 60 yard Masking Tape
  • SAKSDK05-49 Micron Black .05
  • AAL15423 Art Alternatives Artist's Palette
  • DER2301941 Derwent – Acadamy Watercolour Pencil Tin Set 12
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