KIT for Acrylic Pouring, with Heather Ream




Acrylic Pouring with Heather Ream in Overland Park

Kit Includes:

Liquitex Basics Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue 4oz.
Liquitex Basics Cadmium Red Deep Hue 4 oz.
Liquitex Basics Cobalt Blue Hue 4 oz.
Liquitex Basics Gold 4 oz.
Liquitex Basics Titanium White 4 oz.
Art Alternatives Studio Canvas 6×16
Art Alternatives Studio Canvas 18×20
Liquitex Pouring Medium 16oz.
1 Qt. Flood Floetrol
Painters Tape Blue 1″x60yds.
Plastic Palette Knife
Sharpie Fine Black

Not included in kit, students must provide:
Small hand-held Butane “creme brulee” torch
Powder-free gloves
Four 16oz clear plastic cups
Twelve 9oz plastic cups
Eight 3oz cups
Large wooden stir sticks
Paper Towels
Plastic table covering

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