Grafix Dura-Lar Clear, Sheet, .010, 25″x50″

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Dura-Lar by Grafix comes in several varieties, each suited to different projects and uses. All styles are available in rolls, pads and packs, with the exception of Dura-Bright White (only available in pads).

Clear Dura-Lar, available in thicknesses between 1 and 40 mil, is an ultra-clear, glossy surface. It's perfect for protective coverings, layouts, color separations, window applications, and overhead transparencies. Clear Dura-Lar can also be used as an artwork surface for permanent inks and markers.

Matte Dura-Lar, available as 5 mil film, has a matte translucent drawing surface on both sides. As an economical alternative to drafting film, it accepts lead, ink, charcoal, paint and colored pencil. It even erases cleanly!

Wet Media Dura-Lar, available as 4 mil film, is coated on both sides to accept water-based mediums like markers, inks, and paints without chipping or running. Each surface can be re-used after wiping with a damp cloth, which makes Wet Media Dura-Lar perfect for planning compositions or practicing technique.

Dura-Bright is a 10 mil film available in Opaque White or Opaque Black. Dura-Bright's highlight is its versatility. Opaque Black puts metallic and iridescent colors on stunning display, and Opaque Black is an ideal surface for watercolor or alcohol inks. Dura-Bright can also be used for mixed media, get embossed and debossed, and be die-cut into unique shapes.

Adhesive Backed Dura-Lar is a 2 or 5 mil film with a permament adhesive backing. It works perfectly for heat-free lamination, or as a protective covering.

Each Dura-Lar variety is:

  • Resistant to tearing, absorbing moisture, and discoloring over time
  • Acid-free and archival
  • Heat resistant
  • Dimensionally stable and flat
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    25" x 50"




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