Gamblin Artist’s Oil, 150 ml, Yellow Ochre

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Gamblin oil colors are luscious, intense, pigment-rich colors. Gamblin makes high quality oil based paints and oil colors that do not succumb to age. Gamblin Oil Colors are true to historic working properties, in a palette carefully constructed by America's premier colorman. Rather than copy any other style of paintmaking, Robert Gamblin developed his own. Made from the finest quality raw materials, Gamblin's oil paints invite artists to enjoy each color's unique tinting strength, transparency and texture. Gamblin oil paints are highly pigmented with just the right amount of linseed oil.

Yellow Ochre: This modest, yet valuable earth color has been on painters’ palettes since painting began. Pure, hydrated yellow iron oxide (goethite). Indispensable for naturalistic color-mixing.

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Gamblin Artist's Oil




150 ml


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