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Located in Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, KS, Creative-Coldsnow Artist Materials and Framing is a family owned and operated business, offering the largest selection of art supplies in the Midwest for 76 years and counting. Our many years of service have earned us a reputation for supplying the highest quality fine art and graphic design supplies, in addition to custom framing. The working artists on our knowledgeable staff provide a broad range of information and many creative solutions to our customers, who include professional artists, students, hobbyists, and crafters, as well as designers, architects, and commercial artists.

Creative-Coldsnow boasts a sales and service staff with a deep knowledge of the materials and tools we carry. 90% of our full time staff has Fine Art degrees and an average of 22 years of sales and service experience. All part time employees are actively pursuing the study of art and pursuing art degrees. Our dedication to a working knowledge of craft extends to our framing department. All of our framers have an art degree and an average of 20 years of experience. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best service to our local arts community.

Creative-Coldsnow is dedicated to serving the art community for generations to come. As purveyors of art materials, we commit to offering you, our customer, the finest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our enthusiasm for service and knowledge sets us apart from our competitors and fosters a deep relationship with our many regular customers while welcoming new visitors with open arms. We hope our passion and expertise will encourage you to join the many artists who choose Creative-Coldsnow as their number one source for art supplies.


In 1942 Keith Coldsnow and Max Morris co-managed the Kansas City Art Institute’s 200 sq ft bookstore. Within 4 years Keith and Max decided they wanted to meet the needs of other local Artist. Within 4 years, Keith and Max had formed connections with local artists and decided to expand their store to serve the needs of local artists in the entire Kansas City metro area. This led to the grand opening of Coldsnow-Morris Art Supply at 35th & Broadway.

In 1952 Keith Coldsnow launched his own operation under the name of Keith Coldsnow Limited in the Midtown area at 35th and Jefferson. Over the years, and with the continued patronage of local graphic arts businesses and other working artists, his business continued to grow. In 1972 he opened a 7,400 square foot facility at 104 Westport Road in order to better serve his commercial customers; at the same time, to employees by the names of Joe Grimes and Paul Lambert launched Creative Crafts and Hobbies at 808 Westport Road with Keith’s approval. This location specialized in printmaking materials.

37 years later, Keith Coldsnow Limited merged with Creative Crafts and Hobbies; to reflect the history of both businesses, the name was changed to Creative-Coldsnow Artist Materials and Framing. With the rise of computer graphics and CAD programs, the decline of hand drafting lead to a reduction in commercial business, and Creative-Coldsnow now re-focused on the unique products and services they offered to the wider Kansas City community. With one location in Westport and one in Overland Park, Creative-Coldsnow brings a dedication to quality and the excitement of color, texture, and creativity to each area we serve.

Creative-Coldsnow presently offers over 14,000 square feet of art materials and framing. Our stock of over 30,000 products spans the entire spectrum of art and graphic design supplies and custom framing. Including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints, a wide variety of brushes, drawing materials, stretched and unstretched canvas, drafting materials, printmaking inks, blocks, and carving knives, easels, various sculpting clay and tools, decorative paper, sketch pads, notebooks and more — all for sale with daily discounts at competitive prices.